MOAD Unbound

    MOAD Unbound, the Museum of Art and Design at MDC’s new publication series, aims to bring readers new insights and perspectives on the art and ideas featured in the Museum’s exhibitions and programming, with essays and interviews by some of today’s leading artists, curators, critics, art historians, and others. The first online museum publication series of its kind in Miami, MOAD Unbound encourages deeper looks at the contemporary art, design, performances, and other events in MOAD's galleries or offsite as part of the Museum Without Boundaries initiative. The publication will explore the compelling issues raised by our shows that do not have an exhibition catalogue and investigate topics farther afield for those that do. MOAD Unbound offers you enhanced access to the creators and thinkers changing culture right now, whether you are able visit the Museum frequently or not at all. We want everyone to be a part of the conversation. Feel free to print out the issues at home to read at your leisure, save the PDFs to compile an archive of MOAD’s ongoing dialogue, or just read each issue online. The possibilities are boundless!