GOGO MOAD Membership

    GOGO to the Next Level!

    GOGO MOAD Membership

    Up your GOGO game with a GOGO MOAD Membership. A GOGO MOAD Membership rewards you for participating in GOGO MOAD programs with art supplies and other awards given at GOGO MOAD events, plus an annual program for members only.

    A GOGO MOAD Membership provides children ages 5 to 14 and their families with tools to encourage creativity, building an art supply package for young artists to continue independent artmaking at home. Fostering an early love for the arts, a GOGO MOAD Membership invites families to explore their city by visiting the range of sites across Miami where the program’s events take place.

    Members receive a printed GOGO MOAD Membership card and one takeaway art supply at each GOGO MOAD Membership program attended. Members can collect up to 7 different supplies per year and can receive other awards.

    GOGO MOAD Membership is $60 and is limited to 50 individuals per year.

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